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Smart BHB Capsules are engineered using our enhanced BHB ratio to deliver the most optimized energy possible. The caffeine in Smart BHB is fast-absorbing and potent, matching the rate of our BHB absorption to optimize the effectiveness of both. You will love the powerful, sustained energy of Smart BHB to keep you energized and in ketosis. REAL BENEFITS FOR YOUR KETO LIFE - Real Ketones BHB Caffeine Capsules with exogenous ketones have been observed to optimize both metabolic function and brain neurocognitive support. BHB+ Caffeine truly drives these effects! These powerful ketone capsules have the perfect blend of healthy, vibrant energy without the jittery side effects. Specially formulated with Real Ketones, caffeine, and a potent electrolyte suite, BHB + Caffeine is the most potent, caffeinated BHB only product available!

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